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  1. Stories in Category: Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience (OBE) - Page 1 - Your source for articles on astral projection, out of body experiences, remote .
  2. Hypnosis mp3 Downloads and CDs. Astral projection is the experience of astral body, also called soul body or dream body partially and temporarily separating from the physical body. Astral projection is something called astral travel, soul travel, or out of body experience (OOBE). As long as the physical body lives, during astral travel, the astral body is at all times attached to the physical body through a .
  3. Astral projection also called astral travel is an experience that involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and is usually perceived as an out of body experience. The OBE (Out Of Body Experience) is based on the assumption that, there exists an Astral Body which is unconnected from the physical body and can travel outside it.
  4. From the Teachings of H. P. Blavatsky & William Quan Judge. It may possibly be useful to read the article The Sevenfold Nature of Man before reading this article, as this one is a sort of expansion on the short section in that one about the Linga Sharira, the astral part of the human being. To quote briefly here from part of that article as a way of providing an introduction to the.
  5. Understanding these and other spiritual truths will help you immeasurably when getting your mind right for astral projection. 2. True astral projection requires a certain mastery of mind, which is unavailable without meditation. Meditation can get you very close to a fear free existence.
  6. Mar 31,  · Astral Realms - the Astral Projection Journey Delve into the Astral Realm with articles, links and thoughts on new age phenomena and the spirit world including; out of body experiences or astral projection, near death experiences, ghosts, dreams, remote viewing and reincarnation - the fabric of .
  7. Then, a more in depth look into another Phasing exercise which we commonly refer to as the Mental Rundown. This is a separate technique from “Noticing”. 5. Phasing Method – Mental Rundowns. From there, we’ll move into a post I made that provides some greater insight into the Mental Rundown exercise. 6. Phasing – Mental Rundown in.
  8. Anyways, I'm not sure what I think exactly about the relationship between astral projection and mental illness, but I know that it's very easy to give yourself mental illness if you take leave of your self-responsibility. If you keep that in check, I think you'll be fine. Logged mactombs. Astral Energy 4.

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