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  1. Another word for egotism: self-centredness, self-esteem, vanity, superiority, self-interest | Collins English Thesaurus.
  2. Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one's personal features and importance — intellectual, physical, social and other. The egotist has an overwhelming sense of the centrality of the 'Me': of their personal qualities.
  3. egotism translate: 自我主义;自大;自负. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.
  4. Egotism is the common word for obtrusive and excessive reference to and emphasis upon oneself and one's own importance: His egotism alienated all his friends.
  5. Synonyms & Antonyms of egotism 1 an often unjustified feeling of being pleased with oneself or with one's situation or achievements for someone who has won .
  6. egotism the practice of thought, speech, and conduct expressing high self-regard or self-exaltation, usually without skepticism or humility. — egotist, n. — egotistical, adj.
  7. Examples of egotism in a Sentence In his egotism he thought everyone was coming just to see him. for someone who has won a Nobel Prize in physics, he is remarkably without egotism Recent .
  8. The egotism he displayed in the enjoyment of his good fortune, shielded him from any fault. The egotism of one of the parties may be too much for the other. Arlt inquired, with a frankness which yet .

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